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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Alladi S Neurology
Dr. Ameer S Neurosurgery
Dr. Anikandan S Neuroanesthesia
Dr. Appenzeller S Rheumatology
Dr. Bakhshi S Oncology
Dr. Bhagavati S Neurology
Dr. Bipin S Endrocrinology
Dr. Ciccone S Pediatrics
Dr. Demirci S Neurology
Dr. Djuric S Neurology
Dr. Domingues S Neurology
Dr. Ganesan S Epilepsy
Dr. Honeybul S Neurosurgery
Dr. Kaul S Neurology
Dr. Kotagal S Sleep Medicine
Dr. Kumar S Neurology
Dr. Kumar S Neuroradiology
Dr. Machado S Neurobiology
Dr. Matsunaga S Neurosurgery
Dr. Meenakshisundaram S Neurology
Dr. Mehri S Stroke
Dr. Muengtaweepongsa S neurology
Dr. Nikolaus S Neuclear Medicine
Dr. Rohde S Neuroradiology
Dr. Rubattu S Neurology
Dr. Safavi-Abbasi S Neurosurgery
Dr. Sanjib S Neurology
Dr. Semlali S Radiology
Dr. Singh S Microbiology
Dr. Srinivas S Critical Care
Dr. Srinivasan S Neurology
Dr. Stefanello S Neuropsychology
Dr. Tenembaum S Neurology
Dr. Tetri S Neurosurgery
Dr. Tsutsumi S Neurosurgery
Dr. Wang S Neurology
Dr. Yilmazlar S Neurosurgery
Dr. Yogi S CVTS surgeon
Dr. Lee SA Neurology
Dr. R Sacco Neurology
Dr. Atul Sachdev Internal Medicine
Dr. Nishant Sadashiva Neurosugery
Dr. Surachai Sae Jung Neurosurgery
Dr. Rajesh Sagar Psychiatry
Dr. Stephen M. Sagar Neurology
Dr. T Sagiuchi Neurosurgery
Dr. Ashish Sahani Neurology
Dr. Rajveer Saharan Neurology
Dr. Sushanta Sahoo Neurosurgery
Dr. Sushanta Sahoo Neurosurgery
Dr. D Sahu Paediatrics
Dr. Dev Sahu Paediatrics
Dr. Rabi Sahu Neurosurgery
Dr. Gerard Said Neurology
Dr. Kamal Saini Medicine
Dr. A Saint-Martin Pediatrics
Dr. T Saito ENT
Dr. Yoshiaki Saito Physiology
Dr. Ryuji Sakakibara Neurology
Dr. I Sakuma Radiology
Dr. ABM Salahuddin Neurology
Dr. Farid Salih Neurology
Dr. F Salpietro Neurosurgery
Dr. Pravin Salunke Neurosurgery
Dr. Pravin Salunke neurosurgery, oncology, craniovertebral junction
Dr. Mahadeva Sambasivan Neurosurgery
Dr. A Samdani Neurosurgery
Dr. Adib Samii Neurology
Dr. Letícia Sampaio Neurology
Dr. Nitin Sampat Neurology
Dr. Daniel Sanak Neurology
Dr. Pratap Sanchetee Neurology
Dr. J Sander Neurology
Dr. Donald Sanders Neurology
Dr. Ramesh Sangle Neurosurgery
Dr. Sepehr Sani Neurosurgery
Dr. Suresh Sankhla Neurosurgey
Dr. Mario Sanna ENT
Dr. Efrain Santiago-Rodriguez Neurology
Dr. A Santoro Neurosurgery
Dr. Vani Santosh Neuropathology
Dr. Sujoy Sanyal Neurosurgery
Dr. G Saposnik Neurology
Dr. Mudumba Saradhi Neurosurgery
Dr. Sudhir Sarangi Pharmacology
Dr. Feyzi Birol Sarica Neurosurgery
Dr. Chitra Sarkar Pathology
Dr. Surajit Sarkar Basic neurosciences
Dr. F Sartucci Neurology
Dr. Masanori Sasaki Neurobiology
Dr. T Sathyaprabha Neurophysiology
Dr. P. Satish Chandra Neurology
Dr. Kazufumi Sato Neurosurgery
Dr. Gurudatt Satyarthi Neurosurgery
Dr. Andreas Sauerbrei Virology
Dr. Carol Saunders Genetics
Dr. charulata savant sankhla Neurology
Dr. Amrit Saxena Neurology
Dr. Sanjaya Saxena Psychiatry
Dr. Parija SC Microbiology
Dr. Thal SC Neurosurgery
Dr. Tiwari SC Genetics
Dr. B Schaller Neurology
Dr. Carlo Schaller Neurosurgery
Dr. A Schattner Internal Medicine
Dr. R Scheid Neurology
Dr. N Scheinfeld Dermatology
Dr. Luis R. Scheker Plastic Surgery
Dr. Kai Scheufler Neurosurgery
Dr. F Schiavon Rheumatology
Dr. W Schievink Neurology
Dr. D Schiff Neurooncology
Dr. David Schiff Neurooncology
Dr. Raphael Schiffmann Neurology
Dr. E Schijman Neurosurgery
Dr. J Schittenhelm Pathology
Dr. Martin Schlieter Neuroradiology
Dr. B. Schmidt Neurology
Dr. Kirsten Schmieder Neurosurgery
Dr. K Schmierer Radiology
Dr. Horst Schmitt Pathology
Dr. Erich Schmutzhard Neurology
Dr. Michael Schneck Neurology
Dr. Michael Schocke Radiology
Dr. Johan Schoeman Pediatrics
Dr. C Schonauer Neurosurgery
Dr. B Schoser Neurology
Dr. J Schroder Neuropathology
Dr. Henry Schroeder Neurosurgery
Dr. M Schulder Neurosurgery
Dr. Gernot Schulte-Altedorneburg Radiology
Dr. Wilhelm Schulte-Mattler Neurology
Dr. D. Schulz-Ertner Radiation Oncology
Dr. Stefan Schwartz Internal Medicine
Dr. O Schwarzenbach Orthopedics
Dr. R Schwarzkopf Orthopedics
Dr. R Scott Neurology
Dr. C Scrideli Pediatrics
Dr. Han SD Neurosurgery
Dr. Sigmund SD Stroke
Dr. Baldi Sebastián Neuroradiology
Dr. Oliver Sedlaczek Neurology
Dr. Masaya Segawa Neurology
Dr. R Seitz Neurology
Dr. L Sekhon Neurosurgery
Dr. Tetsuji Sekiya Neurosurgery
Dr. Michael Selch Oncology
Dr. Michael T. Selch Neurosurgery
Dr. S Selesnick ENT
Dr. T Self Pharmacy
Dr. Souvik Sen Neurology
Dr. RP Sen Gupta neurosurgery
Dr. J Senegas Orthopedics
Dr. R Sener Radiology
Dr. D Sengupta Orthopedics
Dr. P Seror Neurology
Dr. Franco Servadei Neurosurgery
Dr. P. K. Sethi Neurology
Dr. Teresa Sevilla Neurology
Dr. E Sgaramella Neurosurgery
Dr. S Sgouros Neurosurgery
Dr. Lee SH Neurosurgery
Dr. Abidha Shah Neurosurgery
Dr. Jayun Shah Neurosurgery
Dr. Kairav Shah Neurosurgery
Dr. Saurin Shah ENT
Dr. Shalin D Shah Neurology, Neurophysician
Dr. D Shan Neurology
Dr. Ravi Shankar Neurosurgery
Dr. S. K. Shankar Neuropathology
Dr. P. Mahesh Shanmugam Ophthalmology
Dr. J Shapiro Neurology
Dr. Ehsan Sharifpoor Neurology
Dr. Bhawani Shankar Sharma Neurosurgery
Dr. Bhawna Sharma Neurology
Dr. BS Sharma Neurosurgery
Dr. Devina Sharma Basic neurosciences
Dr. Hari Shanker Sharma Cell Biology
Dr. Kanika Sharma Neurology
Dr. Lokendra Sharma Basic neurosciences
Dr. Manika Sharma Computer Science
Dr. Manish Sharma Neurosurgery
Dr. Mehar Sharma Pathology
Dr. Rajeev Sharma Neurosurgery
Dr. S Sharma Internal Medicine
Dr. Shivani Sharma Neuropsychology
Dr. Shyam Sharma Neurobiology
Dr. Sudhir Sharma Neurology
Dr. Vivek Sharma Basic neurosciences
Dr. Frank Sharp Neurology
Dr. Abhinith Shashidhar Neurosurgery
Dr. Geoff Sheean Neurology
Dr. Jonas M. Sheehan Neurosurgery
Dr. Laurie Sheehy Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. B Sheng Internal Medicine
Dr. Martha Shenton Psychiatry
Dr. Mark Sherer Neuropsychology
Dr. Andrew Shetter Radiation Oncology
Dr. C Shim Neurosurgery
Dr. Seung Shin Hahn Radiation Oncology
Dr. Shuzo Shintani Neurology
Dr. Zenji Shiozawa Neurology
Dr. J Shortt Hematology
Dr. Eric A. Shoubridge Neurology
Dr. Ashutosh Shrivastava Basic neurosciences
Dr. Raj K. Shrivastava Neurosurgery
Dr. Ashfaq Shuaib Neurology
Dr. C Shuff Orthopedics
Dr. Dhaval Shukla Neurosurgery
Dr. Garima Shukla Neurology
Dr. C Shults Neurology
Dr. T Shuto Neurosurgery
Dr. Kapil Sicca ENT
Dr. N Siddaraju Pathology
Dr. A Siddiqui Neurosurgery
Dr. H Siemens Neurology
Dr. C Siepe Osteoporosis
Dr. Stephen Silberstein Neurology
Dr. Matti Sillanpää Public Health
Dr. Peter Sillevis Smitt Neurology
Dr. M Silvestrini Neurology
Dr. Isabella Laura Simone Neurology
Dr. David M. Simpson Neurology
Dr. Christian Sindic Neurochemistry
Dr. C Singer Neurology
Dr. Maj Gen Prakash Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Apinderpreet Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Baldev Kaur Singh Neurology
Dr. Daljit Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Daljit Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Devesh Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Gagandeep Singh Neurology
Dr. Gyanender Singh Neuroanaesthesia
Dr. Manmohan Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Manmohan Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Mritunjai Singh Neurology
Dr. Niraj Singh Neurology
Dr. Pankaj SIngh Neurosurgery
Dr. Pankaj Singh Neurosurgery
Dr. Parampreet Singh Neurology
Dr. Rajesh Singh Neurology
Dr. Ravindra Singh Neurology
Dr. Sandeep Singh Orthopedics
Dr. Sarika Singh Basic neurosciences
Dr. Surendra Singh Radiology
Dr. Surjit Singh Neurology
Dr. Vivek Singh Neuroradiology
Dr. PRATIBHA Singhi Neurology
Dr. Sunit Singhi Pediatrics
Dr. Navneet Singla Neurosurgery
Dr. Raghav Singla Neurosurgery
Dr. J. Robinson Singleton Neurology
Dr. K. K. Sinha Neurology
Dr. Sanjib Sinha Neurology
Dr. Sanjiv Sinha Neurosurgery
Dr. Sumit Sinha Neurosurgery
Dr. Sergio Siragusa Hematology
Dr. Fouzia Siraj Basic neurosciences
Dr. Sanjay Sisodiya Neurology
Dr. Van Hal SJ Infection
Dr. T. Sjoerdsma Ophthalmology
Dr. Mahajan SK Medicine
Dr. Sarada SK Neurobiology
Dr. Sharma SK medicine
Dr. A Skucas Anaesthesia
Dr. Huang SL Neurosurgery
Dr. Volpe SL Behavioral Sciences
Dr. A Slonim Pediatrics
Dr. Theodore Slotkin Pharmacology
Dr. Sisodiya SM Neurobiology
Dr. Jan Smarda Microbiology
Dr. A Smith Neurology
Dr. A. Gordon Smith Neurology
Dr. Michael Smith Neurology
Dr. Karthik SN Neurology
Dr. C Snehalatha Biochemistry
Dr. Julie Snowden Neurology
Dr. C Sobreira Neurology
Dr. Osamu Soejima Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Claudio Solaro Neurology
Dr. E Solomou Radiology
Dr. Barbara Sommer Psychiatry
Dr. Neetu Soni Neuroradiology
Dr. Masahiro Sonoo Neurology
Dr. Luis Souhami Radiation Oncology
Dr. Woods SP Neurology
Dr. D Spagnoli Neurology
Dr. Roland Sparing Neurology
Dr. S Spektor Neurosurgery
Dr. J Spence Neurology
Dr. Konstantinos Spengos Neurology
Dr. Robert Spinner Neurosurgery
Dr. Simone Spuler Neurology
Dr. K Sridhar Neurosurgery
Dr. PR Srijitesh srijitesh NEUROLOGY
Dr. Velandai Srikanth Neurology
Dr. Dwarkanath Srinivas Functional and Stereotactic, Vasular, Neurooncolog
Dr. H.V. Srinivas Neurology
Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas Neurology
Dr. A. V. Srinivasan Neurology
Dr. Avathvadi Srinivasan Neurology
Dr. Kumar Sripathirathan Neurology
Dr. S Srirompotong ENT
Dr. Achal Srivastav Neurology
Dr. Achal Srivastava Neurology
Dr. Adesh Srivastava Neurosurgery
Dr. Arpna Srivastava Basic neurosciences
Dr. Arun Srivastava Neurosurgery
Dr. Trilochan Srivastava Neurology & Neurointervention
Dr. Kittipong Srivatanakul Neuroradiology
Dr. Daskalopoulou SS Epidemiology
Dr. Moore SS Neurology
Dr. OæSullivan SS Neurology
Dr. C Stapf Neurology
Dr. A Stark Neurosurgery
Dr. F Stassen Microbiology
Dr. Henriette Stavri Microbiology
Dr. David Steinberg Orthopedics
Dr. I Steiner Neurovirology
Dr. Thorsten Steiner Neurology
Dr. Timothy Steiner Neurology
Dr. B Steinhoff Neurology
Dr. Ralf Steinmeier Neurosurgery
Dr. Massoud Stephane Psychiatry
Dr. Read Stephen Neurology
Dr. Richard Sterns Internal Medicine
Dr. K Stevenson Neurosurgery
Dr. F Stocchi Neurology
Dr. Tracy Stockley Genetics
Dr. Erwin Stolz Neurology
Dr. J Stone Neurology
Dr. Anette Storstein Neurology
Dr. John Stover Neurosurgery
Dr. Ivan Stratov Microbiology
Dr. S Striano Neurology
Dr. Wm Stuart Neurology
Dr. Evan Stubbs Neurology
Dr. Jose Suarez Neurology
Dr. Bhavaraju Subba Rao Neurosurgery
Dr. Kathirvel Subramaniam Anesthesia
Dr. Mohanakkannan Subramanian Neurology
Dr. Then Sue Mian Epilepsy
Dr. Jenny Suetina Neurology
Dr. K Sugaya Molecular Biology
Dr. Sudhir Suggala Neurosurgery
Dr. Y Sugita Pathology
Dr. D Suh Radiology
Dr. Sajith Sukumaran Neurology
Dr. E Sullivan Psychiatry
Dr. Uma Sundar Neurology
Dr. C Sundaram Neuropathology
Dr. P Sundgren Radiology
Dr. Göran Sundkvist Endocrinology
Dr. Ulrich Sure Neurosurgery
Dr. Ashish Suri Neurosurgery
Dr. Vaishali Suri Neuropathology
Dr. Rohini Surve Neuroanaesthesia/Critical Care
Dr. Nirmal Surya Neurology
Dr. A. K. Susheela Anatomy
Dr. Garnette Sutherland Neurosurgery
Dr. Toshiaki Suzuki Neurology
Dr. Kane SV Pathology
Dr. Pillai SV Neurosurgery
Dr. Roh SW Neurosurgey
Dr. Alan C. Swann Psychiatry
Dr. Russell H. Swerdlow Neurology
Dr. Sean Symons Radiology
Dr. Lin SZ Neurosurgery - tumor biology
Dr. Z Szolnoki Neurology
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