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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Al-Hussaini M Pathology
Dr. Anita M Neuropathology
Dr. Arantes M Neuroradiology
Dr. Bosiers M Neuroradiology
Dr. Bruneau M Neurosurgery
Dr. Buchfelder M Neurosurgery
Dr. Cannella M Neurology
Dr. Cellerini M Neuroradiology
Dr. Cenzato M Neurosurgery
Dr. De Toledo M Neurology
Dr. Ekenel M Neurology
Dr. Fisher M Neurology
Dr. Fritsch M Neurosurgery
Dr. Gessi M Neuropathology
Dr. Ghosal M Psychiatry
Dr. Ghosh M Infectious Diseases
Dr. Hampson M Radiology
Dr. Harzheim M Neurology
Dr. Harzheim M Neurology
Dr. Hill M Neurology
Dr. Hornyak M Pscychiatry
Dr. Javadoour M Neurosurgery
Dr. Jozefkowicz M Pediatrics
Dr. Kabra M Pediatrics
Dr. Kartigeyan M Neurosurgery
Dr. Kasilwal M Neurosurgery
Dr. Kawashima M Neurosurgery
Dr. Kieman M Neurosurgery
Dr. Kiran M Neurosurgery
Dr. Kubo M Neurology
Dr. Lee M Neurosurgery
Dr. Lee M Pediatrics
Dr. Lehecka M Neurosurgery
Dr. Lund-Johansen M Neurosurgery
Dr. Madhusudhan M Neurology
Dr. Mahvash M Neurosurgery
Dr. Mascalchi M Movement disorders
Dr. Merello M Neurology
Dr. Mondelli M Neurology
Dr. Mora M Neurology
Dr. Netravathi M Neurology
Dr. Netravathi M Neurology
Dr. Obermann M Neurology
Dr. Payer M Orthopedics
Dr. Rabie M Neurology
Dr. Saengpattrachai M Neurology
Dr. Saini M Neurology
Dr. Saini M Genetics
Dr. Sandhaug M Neurosurgery
Dr. Shafi M Neurology
Dr. Shao M Neurology
Dr. Sherer M Neurosurgery
Dr. Shimo M Stroke
Dr. Shintaku M Neuropathology
Dr. Simmonds M Epilepsy
Dr. Sindou M Neurosurgery
Dr. Suzuki M Neurology
Dr. Svetel M Neurology
Dr. Taylor M Neurosurgery
Dr. Taylor M M Neurosurgery
Dr. Teli M Othopedics
Dr. Tripathi M Neurology
Dr. Veerendra Kumar M Neurology
Dr. Venti M Neurology
Dr. Virendra Kumar M Neurology
Dr. Wong M Neurobiology
Dr. Yamaguchi-Okada M Neurobiology
Dr. Yoshimoto M Orthopaedics
Dr. Zhu M Neuroradiology
Dr. Zielinkski M Thoracic surgery
Dr. Claire M Rice Neurology
Dr. Krthigeyan M. Neurosurgery
Dr. Kannan MA neurology
Dr. A Maas Neurosurgery
Dr. J MacDermid Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Vaughan Macefield Neurophysiology
Dr. M MacFarlane Neurosugery
Dr. Calixto Machado Neurology
Dr. Andrzej Maciejczak Neurosurgery
Dr. P Mack Anaesthesia
Dr. Wendy Mack Medicine
Dr. Colum MacKinnon Physical Therapy
Dr. Crystal MacLellan Neurobiology
Dr. M Macleod Pharmacology
Dr. New Srinivas Madduri Bioengineering
Dr. D Madhavan Neurology
Dr. M Maeda Radiology
Dr. T Maehara Neurosurgery
Dr. Helena Mäenpää Pediatrics
Dr. Michel R. Magistris Neurology
Dr. S Magnoni Neurology
Dr. Anita Mahadevan Neuropathology
Dr. Anshu Mahajan Neurointervention surgery
Dr. Charu Mahajan Neuroanesthesia
Dr. A Mahapatra Neurosurgery
Dr. Charan Mahatumarat Plastic Surgery
Dr. V Maheshwari Maheshwari NEUROREHABILITATION
Dr. Ulrich Mahlknecht Immuntherapy
Dr. G Maira Neurosurgery
Dr. Giulio Maira Neurosurgery
Dr. New P Maji Computational Sciences
Dr. Kaushik Majumdar Systems Science
Dr. Ramanath Majumdar Genetics
Dr. W Mak Internal Medicine
Dr. N Malandrino Medicine
Dr. Geert Maleux Radiology
Dr. Rajesh Malhotra Orthopedics
Dr. Nancy Malla Parasitology
Dr. Conor Mallucci Neurosurgery
Dr. A Mamelak Neurosurgery
Dr. Hiroshi Manabe Neurosurgery
Dr. Pravat Mandal Neurology
Dr. Carlo Mandelli Neurosurgery
Dr. Marek Mandera Neurosurgery
Dr. Roberto Manfredini Internal Medicine
Dr. Biju Mangatt Basic sciences
Dr. Giancarlo Mansueto Radiology
Dr. B Mantur Microbiology
Dr. Ying Mao Neurosurgery
Dr. Boby Maramattom Neurology
Dr. Enrico Marchioni Neurology
Dr. Zanini Marco Neurosurgery
Dr. E MarcodeLucas Radiology
Dr. Carla Marini Neurology
Dr. J Marinus Neurology
Dr. Yogananda Markandeya Basic neurosciences
Dr. A Marlin Neurosurgery
Dr. Joe Maroon Neurosurgery
Dr. G Marquardt Neurosurgery
Dr. C Marra Internal Medicine
Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie Neurology
Dr. Joanne Marsden Biochemistry
Dr. S Marshall Physical Therapy
Dr. Lesley Marson Urology
Dr. Paula Martin Aphasia
Dr. Roswell Martin Neurology
Dr. Antonio Martin-Araguz Neurology
Dr. Vittorio Martinelli Neurology
Dr. R Martinez Neurosurgery
Dr. Pietro Martorano Anaesthesia
Dr. Salvatore Masala Radiology
Dr. Matthias Maschke Neurology
Dr. C Mascott Neurosurgery
Dr. Ryota Mashiko Neurosurgery
Dr. Gabriele Masi Neurology
Dr. F Mastaglia Neurology
Dr. S Mata Neurology
Dr. Gary Mathern Neurosurgery
Dr. Vivek Mathew Neurology
Dr. Christopher Mathias Neurology
Dr. Tiit Mathiesen Neurosurgery
Dr. John M. Mathis Radiology
Dr. P S Mathuranath Neurology
Dr. S Matsubara Neurology
Dr. W Matsuda Internal Medicine
Dr. K Matsumoto Neurology
Dr. Akira Matsumura Orthopedics
Dr. S Matsunaga Orthopedics
Dr. A Matsuno Neurosurgery
Dr. M Matsuo Pediatrics
Dr. Thomas Matthew NEUROLOGY
Dr. Peter Mattsson Neurology
Dr. W.B.P. Matuja Neurology
Dr. Ved Maurya Neurosurgery
Dr. Christian Mawrin Neuropathology
Dr. A May Neurology
Dr. Olga Mayan Occupational Medicine
Dr. John Mayberry Surgery
Dr. Chamberlain MC Neuro-oncology
Dr. Fan MC Neurosurgery
Dr. Sharma MC Neuropathology
Dr. Tartaglia MC Dementia
Dr. R. Hamish McAllister-Williams Psychiatry
Dr. Andrew McCaddon Neurology
Dr. Mark McCarron Neurology
Dr. F McClernon Psychiatry
Dr. Allyn McConkie-Rosell Pediatrics
Dr. R McCready Vascular Surgery
Dr. I McCutcheon Neurosurgery
Dr. Brenna McDonald Psychiatry
Dr. G McDonnell Neurology
Dr. Gavin McDonnell Neurology
Dr. Fergus E. McKiernan Orthopedics
Dr. Roger E. McLendon Pathology
Dr. Kathryn McPherson Rehabilitative Medicine
Dr. Groves MD Neuro-oncology
Dr. Adriaensen ME Radiology
Dr. Damholdt ME Psychology
Dr. Morris ME Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Dr. S. Meairs Neurology
Dr. Eric Meaudre Neurology
Dr. A Medhkour Neurosurgery
Dr. Rajesh Meena Neurosurgery
Dr. Priti Mehendale Physical Medicine/Kinesotherapy
Dr. M Mehndiratta Neurology
Dr. Professor Man Mohan Mehndiratta Neurology
Dr. Anant Mehrotra Neurosurgery
Dr. Bhupesh Mehta Basic neurosciences
Dr. Neeta Mehta Neurology
Dr. Sahil Mehta Neurology
Dr. Sahil Mehta Rehabilitation
Dr. Ullrich Meier Neurosurgery
Dr. D Meiklejohn Hematology
Dr. Miguel Melgar Neurosurgery
Dr. M Melo Internal Medicine
Dr. A Mendelowitsch Neurosurgery
Dr. M Mendez Neurology
Dr. M Mendez Neurology
Dr. Girish Menon Neurosurgery
Dr. Giovanni Meola Neurology
Dr. Rudy Mercelis Neurology
Dr. Thomas Merchant Oncology
Dr. O Merimsky Surgical Oncology
Dr. Jose Merino Neurology
Dr. Hajnalka Merkli Neurology
Dr. Luciano Merlini Neurology
Dr. C Metzler Rheumatology
Dr. E Meulen Geriatrics
Dr. E. F. Meulen Psychiatry
Dr. Tushit Mewada Neurosurgery
Dr. Bernhard Meyer Neurosurgery
Dr. Fredric Meyer Neurosurgery
Dr. Peres MF Headache
Dr. Charles S. Mgone Medicine
Dr. Li MH Neuroradiology
Dr. Pouw MH Orthopedic
Dr. Yuen MH Neurosurgery
Dr. Cuartero MI Neurology
Dr. Firbank Michael Neurology
Dr. F Micheli Neurology
Dr. C Middelhof Neurosurgery
Dr. V Miele Neurosurgery
Dr. M Mihara Neurology
Dr. M Mikati Pediatrics
Dr. N Mikuni Neurosurgery
Dr. Nicoletta Milani Neurology
Dr. G. C. Miliaras Neurosurgery
Dr. Neil Miller Ophthalmology
Dr. R Miller Biology
Dr. J Millichap Neurology
Dr. J Mineo Neurosurgery
Dr. Raymond Miralbell Radiation Oncology
Dr. Jamilet Miranda Physiology
Dr. S. M. Mirsattari Neurology
Dr. Giacinta Miscio Neurology
Dr. M Miscusi Neurosurgery
Dr. N Mishra Neuroradiology
Dr. Shashwat Mishra Neurological Surgery
Dr. Vikas Mishra Pharmacology
Dr. Basant Misra Neurosurgery
Dr. U Misra Neurosurgery
Dr. Usha Kant Misra Neurology
Dr. P Mitchell Neurosurgery
Dr. Dipayan Mitra Neuroradiology
Dr. B Mittal Genetics
Dr. H Miwa Neurology
Dr. S Miyake Neurosurgery
Dr. N Miyakoshi Orthopedics
Dr. S Miyamoto Neurosurgery
Dr. Toshiki Mizuno Neurology
Dr. Ciesielski MJ Neurobiology
Dr. Link MJ Neurosurgery
Dr. McKeown MJ Neurology
Dr. Thakur MK Basic sciences
Dr. Carrlson ML ENT
Dr. Flaherty ML Neurology
Dr. Starkey ML Neurobiology
Dr. Desgeorges MM Neurology
Dr. Mehndiratta MM Neurology
Dr. Mrugala MM Neurosurgery
Dr. Carviy Nievas MN Neurosurgery
Dr. Nor Azin MN Neurology
Dr. Psychopios MN Neurology
Dr. Girish Modi Neurology
Dr. Manish Modi Neurology
Dr. Manish Modi Neurology
Dr. Nikhil Modi Neurosurgery
Dr. P Modrego Neurology
Dr. Hans Moebius Psychiatry
Dr. A Moghtaderi Neurology
Dr. N Mohan Rheumatology
Dr. Ravu Mohan Rao Neurosurgery
Dr. S Mohandas Neurology
Dr. Aaron Mohanty Neurosurgery
Dr. Manju Mohanty Neuropsychology
Dr. Sujata Mohanty Stem Cell
Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin Neurosurgery
Dr. Namita Mohindra Neuroradiology
Dr. Sandeep Mohindra Neurosurgery
Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi Neurosurgery, glioma, image guidance
Dr. Michael Mokry Neurosurgery
Dr. José L Molinuevo Neurology
Dr. H Moller Neurology
Dr. Henry Moller Neurology
Dr. Takashi Momoi Genetics
Dr. Amal Mondal Basic neurosciences
Dr. Mauro Mondelli Neurology
Dr. Mauro Mondelli Neurology
Dr. Laura Monetta Communication Science
Dr. Franco Mongini Neurology
Dr. Francisco José Mont´Alverne Neuroradiology
Dr. Pasquale Montagna Neurology
Dr. Michael Montemurro Medicine
Dr. Georgia Montouris Neurology
Dr. C Montull-Ferrer Radiology
Dr. M Moon Orthopedics
Dr. D Moore Internal Medicine
Dr. T Moore Anaesthesia
Dr. Marina Mora Neurology
Dr. Amparo Morant Pediatrics
Dr. Douglas Moreland Neurosurgery
Dr. J Moreno Intensive Care
Dr. Angelo Moretto Medicine
Dr. Cristina Morganti-Kossmann Trauma Surgery
Dr. Fumiaki Mori Pathology
Dr. Kentaro Mori Neurosurgery
Dr. A Morini Neurology
Dr. T Moritani Radiology
Dr. Nobuhiro Moro Neurosurgery
Dr. N Morota Neurosurgery
Dr. George Morris Neurology
Dr. H Moser Neurology
Dr. G Motamedi Neurology
Dr. Suely Mayumi Motonaga Neurology
Dr. Yasushi Motoyama Neurosurgery
Dr. Ana Laura Moura Neuroophatholmology
Dr. Marielaure Moutard Pediatrics
Dr. Ali Azgar Moyadi Neurosurgery
Dr. Dashwood MR Neurobiology
Dr. Del Bigio MR Neuropathology
Dr. Jadus MR Neurobiology
Dr. Muhler MR Neuroradiology
Dr. Rukmini Mridula Neurology
Dr. Dhamoon MS Neurology
Dr. Eljamel MS Neurosurgery
Dr. Lesniak MS Neurosurgery
Dr. Van Der Knaap MS Neurology
Dr. Montojo MT Neurology
Dr. S Mudd Molecular Biology
Dr. Elliott J. Mufson Neurology
Dr. Gillian Muir Veterinary Physiology
Dr. Keith Muir Neurology
Dr. Subir Mukherjee Orthopedics
Dr. K Mukhida Anatomy
Dr. Navin Mulimani Neurointervention
Dr. Nandini Mullatti Neurology
Dr. Thomas Müller Neurology
Dr. Ravindranath Mundlamuri Neurology
Dr. Maria Muñoz Neurosurgery
Dr. Carmen Munoz Fernandez Neurology
Dr. Anusheel Munshi Radiotherapy
Dr. Y Muragaki Neurosurgery
Dr. Toshiya Murai Neuropsychiatry
Dr. Mamta Muranjan Pediatrics
Dr. F Muratori Neurology
Dr. J M K Murthy Neurology
Dr. JMK Murthy Neurology
Dr. Ugur Musabak Immunology
Dr. Rossella Musolino Neurology
Dr. Uday Muthane Neurology
Dr. N Muthukumar Neurosurgery
Dr. V Muzii Neurosurgery
Dr. Dattatraya Muzumdar Neurosurgery
Dr. Padma MV Neurology
Dr. Baik MW Neurosurgery
Dr. Ase Mygland Neurology
Dr. Åse Mygland Neurology
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