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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Butcher K Neurology
Dr. Dheda K Neurology
Dr. Drummond K neurosurgery
Dr. Geeta K Neurobiology
Dr. Hutti K Neuroradiology
Dr. Kono K Neurosurgery
Dr. Mursch K Neurosurgery
Dr. Natsis K Anatomy
Dr. Novak K Neurosurgery
Dr. Ogasawara K Neurosurgery
Dr. Radhakrishnan K Neurology
Dr. Radhakrishnan K Neurology
Dr. Ravishankar K Headache
Dr. Rosenkranz K Neurology
Dr. Saifudheen K Neurology
Dr. Sauti K Neurosurgery
Dr. Shrivastava K Neurobiology
Dr. Sugiyama K Neurosurgery
Dr. Takayama K Neuroradiology
Dr. Tsuruya K Neurobiology
Dr. UPINDER K Neurology
Dr. Vinayan K Neurology
Dr. Risto Kaaja OB-GYN
Dr. Madhulika Kabra Pediatrics/ Genetics
Dr. Rajneesh Kachhara Neurosurgery
Dr. Yutaka Kai Neurosurgery
Dr. Vijay Kak Neurosurgery
Dr. Piyush Kalakoti Neurosurgery
Dr. Michel Kalamarides Neurosurgery
Dr. Raj Kalaria Neurology
Dr. Shashank Kale Neurosurgery
Dr. Jayantee Kalita Neurology
Dr. Jayantee Kalita Basic neurosciences
Dr. Jayanti Kalita Neurology
Dr. Veena Kalra Pediatrics
Dr. Nitish Kamble Neurology
Dr. Prasad Kameshwar Neurology
Dr. Makoto Kamiya Pathology
Dr. Makoto Kammori Surgery
Dr. Lars Kamolz Plastic Surgery
Dr. Masahiro Kamouchi Neurology
Dr. Imad Kanaan Neurosurgery
Dr. Julia Kandenwein Neurosurgery
Dr. Kousuke Kanemoto Neurology
Dr. Joong Kang Neurology
Dr. S Kang Neurosurgery
Dr. Marko Kangasniemi Radiology
Dr. Lakshminarayanan Kannan Pediaric neurology
Dr. Santosh Kannath Neuroradiology/Neurointervention
Dr. Keith J. Kaplan Pathology
Dr. R Kapsa Neurology
Dr. Nilamadhab Kar Psychiatry
Dr. Sunil Karande Pediatrics
Dr. Mahesh Karandikar Neurosurgery
Dr. E Kararizou Neurology
Dr. E Karg Pediatrics
Dr. S Kariyawasam Pharmacology
Dr. Eduardo Augusto Karol Neurosurgery
Dr. Anil Karpurkar Neuroradiology
Dr. Manish Kasiliwal Neurosurgery
Dr. Stefan Kastenbauer Neurology
Dr. Oliver Kastrup Neurology
Dr. Hidetoshi Kasuya Neurosurgery
Dr. Hiroaki Kataoka Pathology
Dr. Mahesh Kate Stroke
Dr. Takayuki Kato Neurosurgery
Dr. Zenichiro Kato Pediatrics
Dr. Sarosh Katrak Neurology
Dr. Raili Kauppinen Internal Medicine
Dr. Devinder Kaur Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Ashutosh Kaushal Neuroanesthesia
Dr. S. Kaushik Radiology
Dr. R Kaw Internal Medicine
Dr. N Kawaguchi Neurology
Dr. S Kawaguchi Orthopedics
Dr. Satoshi Kawaguchi Orthopedics
Dr. Masahiro Kawahara Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Mamoru Kawakami Orthopedics
Dr. T Kawamata Neurosurgery
Dr. M Kawashima Neurosurgery
Dr. Masatou Kawashima Neurosurgery
Dr. Alan Kaye Anesthesia
Dr. Lee KD Neurobiology
Dr. Than KD Neurosurgery
Dr. Zeuner KE Neurology
Dr. Shweta Kedia Neurosurgery
Dr. John C. Keesey Neurology
Dr. C Keintz Communication Science
Dr. Henrich Kele Neurosurgery
Dr. F Kelestimur Endocrinology
Dr. Ravish Keni Neurology
Dr. Ohata Kenji Neurosurgery
Dr. Andrew Kertesz Neurology
Dr. Akanchha Kesari Genetics
Dr. Santosh Kesari Neurooncology
Dr. Matcheri Keshavan Psychiatry
Dr. Amit Keshri ENT
Dr. A Kesler Ophthalmology
Dr. John Kestle Neurosurgery
Dr. Krishnan KG Neurosurgery
Dr. Satish Khadilkar Neurology
Dr. Amit Khairnar Basic neurosciences
Dr. A Khalil Pediatric cardiologist
Dr. R Khan Radiation Oncology
Dr. Parampreet Kharbanda Neurology
Dr. Archana Kher Pediatrics
Dr. Pek-Lan Khong Radiology
Dr. R Khubchandani Pediatrics
Dr. Dheeraj Khurana Neurology
Dr. Matthias Kieslich Pediatrics
Dr. Sumiyoshi Kiguchi Pharmacology
Dr. Yuichiro Kikkawa Neurosurgery
Dr. Badreddine Kilani Infectious Diseases
Dr. K Kilic Neurosurgery
Dr. J Killestein Neurology
Dr. J. M. Killian Neurology
Dr. Choong Hyun Kim Neurosurgery
Dr. D Kim Neurosurgery
Dr. Hak Jin Kim Radiology
Dr. J Kim Neurology
Dr. K. Anthony Kim Neurosurgery
Dr. Ki kim Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Moo Seong Kim Neurosurgery
Dr. Sun Kim Pediatrics
Dr. Woo Kim Neurosurgery
Dr. Virginia Kimonis Genetics
Dr. P King Neurology
Dr. Keiko Kinuya Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Jun-ichi Kira Neurology
Dr. Heidi Kirsch Neurology
Dr. Adam Kirton Pediatrics
Dr. Bernhard Kis Neurology
Dr. Asha Kishore Neurology
Dr. Ryuhei Kitai Neurosurgery
Dr. Riku Kivisaari Neurosurgery
Dr. H Kiyosue Radiology
Dr. Deepak KK Physiology
Dr. Black KL Neurobiology
Dr. LaRovere KL Neurology
Dr. Stephan Klebe Neurology
Dr. G Kleinpeter Neurosurgery
Dr. Guenther Kleinpeter Neurosurgery
Dr. Jörg Klepper Pediatrics
Dr. Ina Knerr Pediatrics
Dr. M Knight Orthopedics
Dr. Neville Knuckey Neurosurgery
Dr. H Kobata Neurosurgery
Dr. N. Kobayashi Neurosurgery
Dr. Giacomo Koch Neurology
Dr. S Koch Neurology
Dr. Sebastian Koch Neurology
Dr. Dhanpat Kochar Medicine
Dr. Masao Koda Orthopedics
Dr. H Koennecke Neurology
Dr. Yasu Koga Pediatrics
Dr. Kathryn Kohler Pediatrics
Dr. Atsuhiro Kojima Neurosurgery
Dr. M Kojima Pathology
Dr. Praneeth Kokkula Neurosurgery
Dr. M Kole Neurosurgery
Dr. M Koltzenburg Radiology
Dr. Masaki Komiyama Neurosurgery
Dr. Stefan Konermann Neurology
Dr. S. A. König Neurosurgery
Dr. Carsten Konrad Neurology
Dr. Marcus Korinth Neurosurgery
Dr. Cornelia Kornblum Neurology
Dr. P Korovessis Orthopedics
Dr. Andrey Korshunov Neuropathology
Dr. Y Kotani Orthopedics
Dr. Sanjeev Kothare Pediatrics
Dr. K Kotulska Neurology
Dr. M Koudstaal Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Roshan Koul Pediatrics
Dr. S Koussa Neurology
Dr. Salam Koussa Neurology
Dr. J Kouyoumdjian Neurology
Dr. João Aris Kouyoumdjian Neurology
Dr. Kalman T. Kovacs Pathology
Dr. T Kovacs Neurology
Dr. Jerry Kovoor Radiology
Dr. F Kowacs Neurology
Dr. Fernando Kowacs Medicine
Dr. Andrzej Koziarski Neurosurgery
Dr. Vinayan KP Neurology
Dr. Kaufman KR Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Sundaram KR Stastics
Dr. Wright KR Neurobiology
Dr. Eduard Kraft Neurology
Dr. Matthias Krammer Neurosurgery
Dr. A Krassoudakis General Surgery
Dr. Joachim Krauss Neurosurgery
Dr. Joachim Kurt Krauss Neurosurgery
Dr. Thomas Kretschmer Neurosurgery
Dr. Alexandra Kretz Neurology
Dr. D Kripke Psychiatry
Dr. Boris Krischek Neurosurgery
Dr. Boris Krischek Neurosurgery
Dr. Bhuvana Krishnan Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Kartik G. Krishnan Neurosurgery
Dr. Prasad Krishnan 1 Neurosurgery
Dr. Ali F. Krisht Neurosurgery
Dr. H Kroes Genetics
Dr. Stefan Krüger Pathology
Dr. Mosaku KS Pscychiatry
Dr. Hiroaki Kubota Pediatrics
Dr. Klaus Kuchelmeister Neuropathology
Dr. M Kuijf Neurology
Dr. Ranjan Kukreti Radiology
Dr. Dragana Kuljic-Obradovic Neurology
Dr. Ritu Kulshreshtha Basic neurosciences
Dr. John Kuluz Pediatrics
Dr. A Kumar Genetics
Dr. Amandeep Kumar neurosurgery
Dr. Ambuj Kumar Dept of Neurosurgery
Dr. ANAND KUMAR Neurology
Dr. Arvind Kumar Basic neurosciences
Dr. Atin Kumar Radiology
Dr. Hitesh Kumar Neurosurgery
Dr. Krishan Kumar Basic neurosciences
Dr. Neeraj Kumar Neurology
Dr. Padala Kumar Endrocrinology
Dr. Rajan Kumar Neurosurgery
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Neurosurgery
Dr. Roopesh Kumar cerbrovascular, tumors, skull base
Dr. Senthil Kumar Neuroradiology
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Neurology
Dr. V Kumar Opthalmology
Dr. N Kumarasamy HIV
Dr. Daman Kumari Genetics
Dr. A Kunimatsu Radiology
Dr. Akira Kunimatsu Radiology
Dr. Ulrich Kunz Neurosurgery
Dr. T Kuo Pathology
Dr. Jun-ichi Kuratsu Neurosurgery
Dr. M Kurimoto Neurosurgery
Dr. Toshihiko Kuroiwa Neurosurgery
Dr. J. Kurtz Virology
Dr. S Kuru Neurology
Dr. Nilesh Kurwale Epilepsy
Dr. M Kusumi Neurology
Dr. J Kutz ENT
Dr. S Kuwabara Neurology
Dr. Satoshi Kuwabara Neurology
Dr. Lester Kwock Radiology
Dr. Kazuhiko Kyoshima Neurosurgery
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